evoke | let it burn

so, you've found a new love for candles, or perhaps you've loved them all along! have you ever had an issue with your candle 'tunnelling', or not burning all the way to the outside of the jar? there's a reason for that, let us explain!

believe it or not, candles are not as easy and simple to make nor burn! as much as a candle is beautiful and smells nice, there is actually a hell of a lot of science behind getting the candle to burn properly, large enough, have a nice scent throw, actually have a smell.. the list goes on..

now first of all, its not necessarily anything that you're doing, but it is also not necessarily the way the chandler has made the candle.

if a wick is too small for the area of the jar, the flame will struggle to heat the wax around the outside of the jar, meaning you will get your 'tunnelling' situation.

the other reason the tunnelling can happen is that you have burnt your candle for a small amount of time, which then sets the path for the rest of the candle, as they say, the wax has a 'memory', meaning if you create a small pothole in the wax, it will continue on to burn this way, which in turn means that you don't get the full burn from your candle.

the trick here is, when you first light your candle, leave it burning until the entire top of the candle has melted, this will allow the wax 'memory' to burn the entire candle, ensuring that you get every inch out of your candle!

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